Thursday, July 22, 2010

Leisure Time & Much More (Pisgah Forest, NC)

We went back to work today after enjoying our first 3 day break.  As stated in my previous entry, Monday was pretty low key and most enjoyable.  Tuesday we hooked up the buck board and went to Hendersonville, NC.  It's about 18 miles away.  We did a little banking, picked up a couple things at the auto parts store and then the fun really began.  We hit Sam's, Walmart and Lowes in rapid succession.  Does it get any better?  We bought lots of food, 2 wireless mouses (mice?), 2 big bags of charcoal (gotta grill!), flowers and bird feeders.  Flowers and bird feeders you ask?  I guess you could say that full timers traditionally decorate/landscape their site if they're going to be in one place for an extended stay.  We brought with us a nice Sheppard hook plus the site has a steel pole with 2 hooks.  We hung a basket of purple Petunias on one hook and another basket of red Petunias on the other hook.  Nice contrast.  At the base of the hook pole we placed a pot with a  peach colored Hibiscus.  Very tasteful.  We're going to add another Hibiscus to balance the presentation.

Our Site

We stuck a flat sided Hummingbird feeder on the window adjacent to our dining table and hung a squirrel proof  (hopefully) bird feeder on our Sheppard's pole.  Pop are you listening?  The area is swarming with American Goldfinches and Ruby Throated Hummingbirds (I checked the Peterson Field Guide).  Now this is no exaggeration.  Within minutes we had swarms of both species.  I was sitting outside reading and the Hummingbirds were nearly hazardous!

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Not sure what kind of hummingbird this is (Pop, can you help?) 

In addition to the second Hibiscus, we're going to add another Hummingbird birdfeeder as well as another Sheppard's hook to hang the wind chime we brought from the old homested.  The backdrop of our "garden" is an endless forested area and the MOUNTAINS. Very nice!

View from our site
We began Wednesday with a great trek.  Nothing monumental, just a nice start to our hiking.  The outing was a comfortable 3+ hour stroll on one of the many trails in the area.  The" boys" (dogs) were with us.  I carried Bo a few times when his tail got to dragging.  They both were pooped (love the pun) when we got home and they slept away the afternoon.
Duane and the "boys"
Pretty flowers on our hike
 (note Debbie's shirt - she kept a few for sentimental reasons) 

More flowers on our hike
That evening Debbie prepared a very nice meal complete with Tilapia, corn and baked potato.  Deelish!  I washed the meal down with a FEW Sam's cookies!  Life is too good.
Today's assignment for both Debbie and I was the Cafe.  It's one of the few occasions that we'll actually work the same position.  We do work the same schedule, days off etc, but the Cafe is the only location where two volunteers are positioned.  We had a great time.  I tried to get Debbie to make out with me back in the kitchen but she made it clear that we needed to behave appropriately - mostly. 

Working in the Cafe


After a quick dinner of our boxed jambalaya, we went on a pleasant hike of about 90 minutes with fellow volunteers, Dave and Ardis.  They're from Maine.
I'm wrapping up the evening with the blog.  I enjoy this.  I hope you do.
Thank You!


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  1. Great pictures!! You both look so happy!! Can I quit my job and come join you?!?!?! :) The more I read the more I'm digging this idea!! Linda doesn't care about possesions so I could get on board!! (maybe, what would I do with all my shoes?!)