Monday, July 5, 2010

A Day with DIRECTV (St. George, SC)

Howdy Folks,

As we prepared for our life in a camper we decided to invest in a significant satellite TV system.  Now you have to understand that I don't do a great job of reading instructions, (I know - it's a man thing) don't retain the information well if I do read the instructions and I'm a technological moron!  Conversely, Debbie reads the instructions, get this, cover to cover, has the patience to read them repeatedly, retains the info and has the brain cells to understand the material.  So.... I'm hanging on by a thread.  Anyway, we buy the system in April when it was on sale, have it installed in early June (the installation was $800 more than the ESTIMATE)  and have "enjoyed" endless problems with system.  We now know the DIRECTV people in their Help Center by name, have their number on speed dial and have made repeated trips to the store that  sold us the system.  And now finally my point.  We had to break camp today(not the simplest task) and take the camper to our favorite store to get the system fixed. The culprit was a bad receiver.  I have not named the store that sold us the system because ultimately they made it all better but it was a long aggravating process.  TV shouldn't be such a thorn in our side so we're glad to put that behind us and focus on leaving SC at the end of the week.


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