Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back in School (Pisgah Forest, NC)

I know, I said I’d blog something close to daily but we don’t have internet here at the Cascade Lake Campground. Consequently, I make a Word document then Debbie does that cut and paste thing to our blog when we get somewhere with internet access. For those who know me, you know I just told you more then I understand.

Yesterday we did CPR and first aid. It was mighty low key, no pressure and enjoyable. Debbie and I got 100% on all of our tests. Of course it was open book and we were permitted to discuss the questions/answers amongst ourselves.

Today we had our field trip to the Biltmore House. It was wonderful. Admission is really quite pricey so it was a really nice freebie. Debbie’s been there twice before, me three times but as the years pass more of the mansion is restored. Additionally, it’s just a wonderfully beautiful place so why not enjoy it repeatedly. Plus we had lunch at a great buffet there at the estate. Now you know I have BUFFET stamped all over me and the quality of the food was quite impressive!

Friendships continue to grow. It’s really a very nice group of people. Just by the nature of our lifestyle we have a lot in common. Plus we have a wide range of life experiences so there’s plenty for us to talk about.

After Debbie and I got back to the campground we walked the dogs and then I went swimming. Big surprise, Cascade Lake Campground has a lake. It’s been years since I swam in a lake. The water was a nice temperature and very refreshing.

I’m ready for recess.


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  1. Yikes!! Are there aligators in this lake? You know as soon as I read swim and lake I began to panic and think ALIGATORS!!!!! Where does this phobia of mine come from? Crazy I know.

    And if you got anything less than 100 you might have a problem, esp. with open book, open discussion. I'm glad you guys are still good students!! hehehehe