Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dirty Laundry (Pisgah Forest, NC)

Good evening,

We're enjoying part of our evening at the Laundromat.  One of the small pleasures of full timing.  When we move to the Cradle we'll have free laundry in the volunteers' community building.  Nice deal!

We completed the second day of training today.  It went very well.  We also received our first issue of uniforms.  The volunteer coordinator (Barbara) assured us that the uniforms ran at least a size or two small.  That appeared to be true but it didn't make any of the ladies happy when they had to request a significantly larger size.  I, at 6'5" received no uniform.  Barbara is confident we''ll work this out.

The longer we're here, the more we figure out that there's a lot there we haven't even seen yet.  I guess that just makes the experience that much more interesting.
We're developing some nice casual friendships among our fellow volunteers.  Several have made significant gestures of friendship.  Quite nice!
We received the "greeting cards" we ordered  today.  They're like business cards with our names, contact info and pictures on the back of Bo, Laska, Debbie and Duane.  I like them.  We've already exchanged them with a few folks (somewhat of a tradition among full timers).  It's kind of like exchanging those cheap little valentines we exchanged back in elementary school, only more meaningful.

Tomorrow we have a CPR class in the morning and first aid in the afternoon.  Boring, but I understand necessary.  I'll pay attention like an adult.

Till tomorrow.


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  1. This makes me smile so much (and I wouldn't be me if it didn't make my eyes water a little too)!!
    I'm so glad you guys are having a good time! I wish you luck getting up to the Cradle, sounds serious!!
    Sounds like you guys have done a lot to make a fancy truck even fancier!! :) Although I am super excited to see and ride in the even bigger one whenever that is bought!! Maybe by next Spring! ;)
    I really can't believe they don't have a uniform to fit you Daddy!! Aren't 6 foot plus people the norm? LOL
    Save one of those 'business' cards for me!! I myself got fancy and important new business cards today. We can exchange!!!
    Ok you guys have a good night. Go eat some nasty, I mean yummy (hehehehe) Jambalaya (sp??).
    I'm so proud of you and your blogging!!
    Love you guys!