Friday, July 9, 2010

Goodbye South Carolina (Pisgah Forest, NC)

I began our blog with back to back entries but then I got distracted, busy or just sleepy and went to bed. But to my surprise, as each day’s events or activities occurred I thought “I must remember to blog this”. I do ramble, but my point is that I’m excited to share.

Sooo, we left our past home state of SC today and moved to NC in preparation for our first work camping/volunteering position. We’re at the Cascade Lake Recreation Area Campground in Pisgah Forest (near Brevard) for a week while we receive our training at the Cradle of Forestry. We then move to a campsite there, where we’ll stay for about the next 15 weeks. The temperature here was 12 – 15 degrees cooler then when we left SC.

Cascade Lake

As our departure neared, several of our friends made it very clear that we were leaving behind some wonderful friendships. A great joy will be to revisit these folks as we pass through our old hometown area.

As we were selling our possessions we planned to sell most everything to include Debbie’s car, a 2003 Toyota Highlander. Some full timers keep with them a second vehicle and at the last minute we decided that was a good idea. If we conclude the second vehicle is unnecessary then we can always sell it later. So today we traveled separately. I missed Debbie but I did have the company of Bo and Laska in the truck. They travel very well. They LOVE the truck. Most of the time I was the lead vehicle but as we left the interstate and had to make turns then Debbie jumped to the lead. All and all it went very well. Once we were settled in our site Debbie had a drink or two while I prepared our world famous jambalaya. Actually it’s from a box. We add ample sausage and some water. It’s great!

As the sun went down, the temperature cooled a little more and we gushed about the fact that we are now full timers. Have I mentioned we’re excited? We’ll conclude our first day on the road soon and I’m confident we’ll sleep snugly in our cozy little home! Good night.


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