Friday, July 23, 2010

Confession and a Little More (Pisgah Forest, NC)

My daughter, Aubree Elizabeth, was recently applauding my blogging skills.  She said, "Daddy, you're even posting pictures."  Everyone who really knows me knows that mostly I'm a computer idiot.  So please understand that our blog is very much a mutual effort. I compose the narrative content.  I''m the talker in our family so blogging is just an extension of me talking.  Debbie then reads it and I resist most of her input.  Beyond that Debbie does EVERYTHING else related to our blog.   She's created all of the format, posts the pictures and tells me/shows me how to get on whenever I have problems which is frequently.  So there you have it, I'm busted.

As I sit here with y'all, there are Hummingbirds 20 inches away outside our window on the Hummingbird feeder.  Too cool!

Debbie was back in the Cafe today.  Our team was short handed today and one consequence was that Debbie had to work the cafe solo.  Normally the Cafe is manned by 2 or 3 people.  Solo included no lunch and no breaks.  The Cafe is not consistently busy so there are plenty of opportunities to be idle. Not surprisingly though, Debbie managed the responsibility stoically but it was still a bum deal. I was at the helicopter.  The helicopter was real but it's been chopped to serve as sort of a helicopter simulator ride.  It's as if you're in a helicopter to fight a forest fire. The "ride" is a bit tame but generally well received especially by the young children.  My job was to say "Hi" and push a button to start the ride. I also operated a remote to show a historical movie about the origin of the Cradle.  Frankly, the day was too slow for my liking but I recognize that I must take the good with the bad.  The fact is there is nothing bad about what we're doing.  I was saying to Debbie recently that certainly there may be a blemish or two here but what experience is perfect.  We remain focused on the big picture which is the full timing lifestyle.
Duane performing helicopter duties
I completed my evening with a repeat of the hike we did yesterday.  Only today it was just me and the boys.  We did the 90 minute hike in about 60 minutes.  More walk, less talk.  Debbie and I will go to bed early tonight, we're tired.
The hummingbirds are still with us!




  1. Daddy you're so cute!!!! Look at you in your uniform!! hehehehe And I am slightly disappointed that you aren't posting the pictures yourself but I COMPLETELY understand, casue I was thinking "I so impressed, because I don't know if I'd know how to do that!" :)
    YAY for hummingbirds!!

  2. Hey Rowe family, we miss you alreadyd! Your tales from the mountains are very enjoyable and the cooler temps are very appealing right now. We are in the 90 to 100 range every day plus the index factor. We are going to be adding to our grandparent squad with Michelle due in Feb 2011. Please stop by and we will go to Fonduely Yours (I already have a coupon)! Mike r.