Monday, July 12, 2010

Cradle Training (Pisgah Forest, NC)

Hi out there!

We reported to the Cradle today to start our training. As our research (that means Debbie’s) has revealed, the training is extremely well organized and quite comprehensive. The fact is Debbie and I will complete our training on Friday and we report to work Saturday morning. We are being trained to work 8 different positions and, even though we will be paired with a team leader, we’re expected to be ready when we report to work. I present this as if it may be stressful but really it’s a nicely laid back place and everyone there is quite pleasant and motivated to assist.

We received a pleasant surprise today. We’re going on a field trip to the Biltmore House on Thursday. Now for a little history. George Vanderbilt, the man who had the Biltmore House built, is credited with being the first man to hire a forester to manage a large (like a 100,000 acres…I think) of land. This hiring led to the creation of the first school of forestry. Thus the Cradle of Forestry. The field trip is a freebie plus we’re going to get some behind the scene tours. That will be great fun!

Today was a long day but not necessarily for Debbie and me. Our drive to the Cradle is about 45 minutes. This will be reduced by about 42 minutes when we move to the Cradle. We left our home at about 7:45am. We got home about 7:00pm. Our poor puppies!!! I had walked them about 7:00am. They must have bladders of steel.  And imagine how they missed their loving parents. But they are sooo good! When we got home they simply said, “Great to see you, let’s pee!!” Of course, with their many brain cells, they understood.

Arf Arf

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  1. I don't know how I missed this one!

    Super cute-'arf arf'!!

    I'm so jealous about Biltmore!! I love Biltmore. And you guys got behind the scenes tours!!!! REALLY jealous! :)