Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We Moved Early (Key West, FL)

About the time I was creating the last post the Campground Host came by our site and told us to move to a full hook up site.  Apparently there were some cancellations so we moved 23 December which was a couple days earlier than I expected.  We were mighty fortunate to get a waterfront site, although we were required to park in a direction that did not allow the ocean view out our big back window that we've enjoyed previously.  Still the oceanfront sites are very limited, so we consider ourselves very lucky.
Our new campsite
Our check out date is now 6 Jan 2011.  We moved early afternoon and spent the next couple hours cleaning.  Our home is not large but we try to give it a fairly thorough cleaning each time we move and often more frequently.  With two adults and two dogs in a small area the dirt could pile up quickly.  We continually battle dog hair but the boys are worth the effort.  Please notice that Laska is smiling and Bo looks like a thug!  That's fairly accurate!

The weather on the 24th was nothing short of "marvelous darling."  Early afternoon we road our bikes into Key West.  We're about 3 miles from downtown.  We spent the next 3 hours just riding around.

  We cruised along Smathers and Higgs Beach. 

While there we stopped to have some Hawaiian Shave (no D) Ice.

 It fell far short of the real thing but it was fun none the less.

We wandered through town and passed the southern most point.  It was so crowded there that folks were lined up at least 25 deep, just to have their picture taken by their spouse or whomever.  We kept moving, stopping every so often to enjoy the scenery.

Eventually we made our way home.  As the day concluded we sat outside in our comfy chairs, it was still about 75 degrees, watching the sun set. 

I was reading and Debbie was knitting.  This typifies our current lifestyle.    We had pork tenderloin for dinner.  Nice!

Christmas Day was very low key.  We do have a cute little tree but that's our only holiday decoration.
Space, weight and storage you know.

The campground hosted a Christmas dinner.  They provided turkey and ham.  Attendees brought side dishes, desserts etc.  My guess is that there were 100 - 150 people present.  The meal was outside and it was again in the mid 70's.  There was plenty to eat and we had great conversation. 

Sunday brought much cooler temperatures and I mean a whole lot of wind. 

We have a roof top satellite dish that we decided to lower (push a button)I to ensure it wasn't damaged.  Other then walking dogs, we stayed inside all day.  We watched a couple movies in the evening.

Yesterday we drove back to downtown Key West.  Our plan was to tour the Ernest Hemingway House.  To our surprise about a million other people decided today was a great day to go downtown.  The little town fills up quickly.

We parked (that can be a trick) in the Westin garage at $4 an hour.  Once downtown, you can easily walk anywhere you want to go in town.  We strolled through town headed for the Hemingway House.  When we arrived we found that the line went on forever.  We'll return after the new year.  We strolled on and eventually stopped at a quaint little french bakery and had apple cinnamon croissants.

We strolled some more and then returned to the humble abode.


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  1. i see our little camper!!! :D YAY!! It looks perfect under the little tree!
    The tree is very pretty! I like, I like!!

    You guys look so cute in your helmets!

    Happy Holidays!!