Saturday, December 25, 2010

Naval Air Station Key West (Key West, FL)

We arrived at the Naval Air Station Key West (NASKW) Sunday afternoon, 19 Dec.  To our surprise and satisfaction we're quite comfortable with this type of camping.  Part of what makes this so easy is that we are permitted to run our generator from 7am until 11pm.  We actually only run the generator for a few hours each day.  We do start it first thing in the morning, as do many folks, to prepare that all important coffee.  In a pinch "we" (I don't drink coffee), could fire up some instant on the stove or use an old fashion percolator.  But since we can, we plug in the Mr. Coffee.  We, as do many folks, also run it throughout the evening so we can watch tv.  We expect to move to a full hook up site on or about  26 Dec.  There is one question that won't be answered until we move.  Our fresh water capacity is 66 gallons.  By the time we move we will have been dry camping for about 7 days.  So the question is can we make 66 gallons last a week.  I go to the bath/shower house  for most of my needs.  So the 66 gallons allows Debbie to shower etc in the camper, we wash dishes, brush our teeth and so on.  We have purchased a few gallons of water to drink, make coffee, water the dogs etc.  If we run out, which I don't think we will, then we'll likely haul water to the camper to replenish our water supply.  Potable water is available within the campground.  A related subject is battery storage capability.  We have one cheap, and I'm  not sure deep cycle,  battery.  We will at least purchase a very good quality deep cycle battery.  There are other options like using 2-6 volt golf cart batteries but I'm way down on that learning curve.   Boring, but these are important considerations.  I guess we think they're important because we plan to do much more dry camping in the future.
Our campsite Naval Station Key West

We still have this water view out the camper's back window - how lucky can we get? 
So our life here is quite easy.  We sit outside in the lovely weather and read.   We do lots of walking, with and without the dogs. Ride bikes. (We had to buy bike helmets, required by the military) We go to the dog park. Today we cruised the keys just north of Key West.  We went to a unique "attraction" on Lower Sugarloaf Key.  It's the all famous Bat Tower.  It was built in 1929 to attract  bats to eat mosquitoes.  The tower still stands but the bats never came.

World famous bat tower on Sugarloaf Key

I fixed the roof.  I'm still oozing stupidity!

We may not "talk" between now and Christmas so Debbie and I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!  We'll "talk" before the new year.

Happy Holidays

Duane and Debbie

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