Friday, December 3, 2010

The Good and the Bad (Homosassa Springs, FL)

Life continues with the traditional Thanksgiving feast.  Debbie's the first to tell you she doesn't cook.  Actually, she's a good cook but it's not the central theme of our existence.  But none the less, she was determined to cook the whole routine.  The end product was a turkey breast in the crock pot, green bean casserole, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, and a pumpkin pie.   It was wonderful!  About the time Debbie was done preparing the meal, she was telling me the urge to prepare such a meal has passed.  It was good while it lasted.

Thanksgiving Dinner on the "fine china" (ha!)
Friday, 26 November, we went to Weeki Wachee Springs State Park. 

The park is oh so tired.  Even the mermaid shows ( I sat through two) were complete snoozers.

What's behind the curtain?

A mermaid of course!

And more mermaids!

Duane even got to play King of the Mermaids!
If it were up to me, I'd bull doze the buildings and highlight the spring.  But, what do I know?

Saturday, 27 November, Debbie and I traveled to Palm Harbor to visit with Pop and Marge.  We yakked (act surprised) then headed to Tarpon Springs to eat Greek food.  So Good!  Then we jetted to Clearwater Beach to take a boat ride on the Little Toot.  This spunky little boat (40 foot I think) took us out to see dolphins.  It was a huge success!!!  We saw numerous dolphins and they put on an exciting show.  They chased the boat, often in pairs and their jumping was frequently 10 - 20 feet from the boat.  We squealed like children.  Our fellow passengers were an enthusiastic crowd and everyone appeared to have good time. We had a nice visit then made our way home. Unfortunately Debbie  not bring her camera.  Didn't know the boat ride was on the agenda.  Pop did take some pictures though, so maybe we'll get a copy of those and add them to the blog later.

Sunday, 28 November, Debbie and I did a 8-9 mile hike with the dogs.  All that went very well.

But we've had some problems.  I don't know if I've mentioned this earlier, but while back at the Cradle I thought I burned up the electric element in the hot water tank.  Stupid on my part!  The hot water tank will operate on propane also so we could still have hot water.  After we got to Homosassa Springs, I replaced the element.  Didn't fix the problem - darn.  So I asked one of the campground maintenance fellows if he knew someone at the park who might be able to help me out.  He said he could. The short story is he went to great lengths to determine that a wire had burned through ( no fire ! Whew!).  He fixed the wire, I gave him some cash and everyone was pleased!   A couple days later the hot water tank was making a NOISE!!  It appeared that the only obvious variable was the element I had installed.  I put the old one back in and we're still getting hot water without any issues.  But the problems continue.  About the time we got the hot water tank under control we read about a serious recall on our frig.  The risk is fire.  We've made many calls and the end result, due to logistics and the availability of parts is 3 Jan 2011.  We have a couple of other warranty issue to have addressed as well.  So this morning (1 Dec) we prepare to depart Homosassa Springs.  I dump the tanks.  I start adding clean water to the black water tank to flush it again to make things cleaner.  I OVER FILLED the tank resulting in a small flood in the toilet area.  I'm a dumb ass!!!!  The mess wasn't as messy as one might imagine, but still not good.  Eventually, we head down the highway to Jonathan Dickinson  State Park in south Florida.  All went well.  The site is great.  I open the slide out rooms.  The last one won't open all the way.  It appears horribly askew.  Upon closer review, I find that a cupboard door inside the camper had swung open while traveling.  It jammed the slide, bent the slide drive mechanism, slightly dented the exterior and damaged the cupboard door.  The slide still operates but won't seal fully when opened.  That'll cost a few C notes!!!  I'm not done!  Inside the camper we find that a full length drawer installed under the sofa has come out and is on the living room floor.  Have I mentioned that some elements of a camper are JUNK!!  Debbie and I are on our hands and knees trying to work the drawer back on the track.  At one point I'm meticulously putting ball bearings back in their rack. Eventually, we get the drawer  to look like it's installed but really it's just hanging there.  We didn't like the sofa, now we HATE IT and we will likely replace it.  So we then cruised the park and went to have some dinner.  We had Mexican.  I love Mexican.  I hated the entire meal, even the chips.  I wish I had a ham sandwich. To add insult to injury, the meal sent me into  bathroom distress!!  You don't want the details.  I jokingly referred to this as a good day to drink.  It is, but I won''t.....but it does have appeal.....but I won't!!!!

But really.  Life is good!!!!!!  We head for the Keys on Friday.  Yeah!!!

Keep smiling.

I am.


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