Monday, October 25, 2010

Socializing (Pisgah Forest, NC)

We've recently been enjoying lots of socializing which is quite unusual for Debbie and I. On the 13th  we went to Donna and Bart's house in Easley, SC.  It's about 1 1/2 hours from here.  Bart and Donna have been here as long as us but they have entirely different schedules.  Consequently, we've only enjoyed pleasant conversation with them.  Bart is a great guy and Donna is like award winning nice!  Their log cabin home sits on 28 acres and is lovely!  Their neighbor has goats.  Too cute.  Bart and Donna previously owned a campground with 42 sites.  We just had a very nice day with them.  We yakked, went to lunch, toured a little bit of Greenville and cruised the old campground.  Then we headed home.

Thursday, the 14th, we joined Bart and Donna again.  This time we gathered at the volunteer activity center to learn how to play dominoes.  It was great.
Friday we worked and Saturday Debbie and I went to a Fall Festival in Waynesville, NC.  That's about an hour from here.  Sometime in years past we've attended this festival before.  As before, the festival has great energy.  Food, crafts, music and cloggers.  My face hurt from smiling.
Sunday we were off again.  This day we went to Sapphire, NC, about an hour away, to go hiking with Charlie.  Debbie has known Charlie for maybe 25 years, me maybe 20.  Charlie lived in Summerville.  He moved to NC and we hadn't seen him for about 3 years.  He invited us to join him for a hike.  We spent several hours with Charlie, his sons Gregory and Kevin as well as Diana, Kevin's friend.  We hiked in area known as Panthertown Valley.  Strenuous hike, beautiful scenery, great visit.

Charlie points the way to Panthertown 

Panthertown Valley View

Another Panthertown Valley View

Gregory, Diana and Kevin

Duane and Charlie at the Lake By Charlie's Condo

It's a Beautiful Lake!!!
And we continue. We left Charlie's at about 4:45 and had to be back at the Cradle for a spaghetti dinner at 6pm.  We just made it.  Dave and Ardi had invited our "team" to join them for dinner. Another great event.   This is a wrap for the social butterflies.

Life is great!


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