Thursday, October 7, 2010

Carl Sandburg (Pisgah Forest, NC)

Today we played tourist and toured Carl Sandburg's home in Flat Rock, NC.  It's about a 45 minute drive from here.  Flat Rock is a very cute little town.  There's lots of nice real estate and the Flat Rock Playhouse Theater. The unique little "downtown" area is no more than a small collection of restored little store fronts that house eateries and gift shops.  We had a great lunch at the Hubba Bubba Barbecue.  Very nice.  We cruised the shops.  We don't need ANYTHING but we did buy a 1918 edition of Needlecraft magazine for the wonderful Sue.  She has done SO much for Debbie teaching her to knit and crochet.  We then headed for Connemara, the home of Carl Sandburg.  There, we watched an informative video about Carl Sandburg and then we toured the house.  Following Mr. Sandburg's death in 1967, his wife sold the house and donated all the contents to the National Park Service.  Consequently, the house contents are those left behind in 1967.   A very interesting walk back into history.  Lots of the stuff looked mighty familiar. 

Carl Sandburg Home


Dining Room


After the house we headed for the barns to visit the goats.  Mrs. Sandburg raised world class goats and there are still goat ancestor there at the estate. 

The Sandburg's Barn

And Goats

This guy was particularly friendly
We wrapped up our visit walking some of the trails on the grounds of Connemara.  We couldn't resist taking pictures of the pretty flowers and lake.



Nice day!


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