Friday, October 8, 2010

Hiking Day (Pisgah Forest, NC)

Today was a hiking day. First we drove to Sapphire, NC to hike Whiteside Mountain. We took the dogs. The hike is only 2 miles round trip with 800 feet gain in elevation. The return on a relatively easy hike is spectacular. Once you're at the top you walk for about 100 yards along the top edge of the mountain (there are often cable barricades to keep you from falling to your death) enjoying endlessly wonderful views.

After we hiked down we sat at a picnic table to enjoy our hike lunch. (Oh how our life has changed.) While there we had a chicken like bird visit our table. He was fearless! He wasn't the least bit intimidated by either Bo or Laska.   We did do a little research when we got home and we're pretty certain the bird is a Ruffed Grouse, but if anyone knows for sure, please let us know!

We then drove to the Lower Whitewater Falls which is just over the state line in SC. We entered the hike area through a Duke Power Plant entrance...interesting. The hike is described as 2 miles. We don't know why. You hike half a mile to the trail head and then the hike is 3.4 miles round trip. That equals 4.4 miles. I know, impressive math! But the hike was cool. The trail was a rolling route through untouched forest. The destination was a deck overlook to view a waterfall with a 200 foot drop!!!!!!!!! What can I tell you. You just had to be there.

Happy Hiking!


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