Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Work (Pisgah Forest, NC)

Saturday and Sunday were work days.  Saturday I worked the gift shop and Debbie worked the scavenger hunt post.  Sunday I worked the front desk and Debbie worked the gift shop.  All the positions were pleasant and, as always, we enjoyed our coworkers. 

One of our coworkers, Ardis, wrote an eighty page book about her mother who died at age 95. I'm reading the book. It's extremely well written and it's my pleasure to read such a memorable family treasure. I'm also finishing a piece of junk "who killed who" book. One of our perks here at the Cradle is that we have access to the Brevard library. I'm going there tomorrow to pick up some sort of biography or other historical gem.

After work yesterday, Debbie noticed an impressive number of hummingbirds at the feeder we have attached to a window.  Although she's still learning her new camera, she did manage to get a few good close-ups of the little guys (or girls).

Tomorrow we'll be joining Ardis, her husband Dave and the other Debbie to hike Mount Pisgah.  It's identified as a strenuous hike at 3.2 miles round trip. It's also one of the highest mountain peaks in southwestern NC at 5721 feet.  Should be great.  Dave and Ardis are in their late sixties.  They volunteered here last year and they're motivated hikers.  Consequently, they know the area well and seem to welcome our company.  They also have traveled extensively - they're quite interesting.

We'll be off M, T and W.  Hopefully I'll have great things to report.

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend!


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  1. These are awesome pictures Debbie!! I can't believe they were still long enough for you to get a picture.
    And I did have a nice weekend Daddy, thanks! :)