Saturday, August 14, 2010

Random Thoughts

We "worked" Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was all quite pleasant.  Debbie reminded me that she has plenty of pictures of where we work.  So we'll show you some, along with pictures of our co-workers some of whom we've probably already introduced.
Entrance to Exhibit hall

Front Desk
Kids love the scavenger hunt they can do in the exhibit hall 
The wax figures are extremely life-like
Water Exhibit

Helicopter simulator

Dave in the Cafe

Dr. Charles (our team leader) and Mike at the Front Desk

Debbie (Mike's wife) working at the Giftshop

Sue (Dr. Charles' wife) loves Snickers!

Artie (Dave's wife) in the Cafe

Much to our disappointment, our new friends Debbie and Mike had to leave. Mike had to go home to address a multitude of health issues. Debbie's grandmother is 104, I believe, and her health is failing. Their vacant campsite is a daily reminder of their absence. Mike and Debbie, if you're reading this, please know we miss you terrifically! We will find a way to catch up with you somewhere.

I've had a cold all week so we haven't done much on our last two days off.  Thursday we went to Walmart to get more Sudafed etc.  I'm feeling much better as I Blog this evening.  Today we went to get haircuts.  When we were "home" we didn't have to give much thought to that subject.  But now that we're vagabonds, it will always be a shot in the dark.  So we, that means Debbie, selected a salon for us.  My hair is normally longer than Debbie's.  We sat down in our respective chairs at the same time. We finished at the same time.  Neither hair cut was particularly good.  Debbie''s hair cut cost exactly twice as much.  Why?

At the risk of being way too redundant, let me tell you more about our Hummingbirds.  We were having breakfast this morning.  We were having bacon, eggs and toast.  We were sitting together at our dining room table.  All of this so far is mighty unusual!  But now my point.  The Hummingbirds were swarming the feeder that's attached to our window.  They behave as if we're not present.  We're so close, with only a window between us, that we can see them with amazing detail.  We see their little bulging eyes, their tiny feet and every colorful little feathers.  Even more interesting, we can see their whole head throb as they suck (like crazy) the sweet nectar from the feeder.  It's pretty cool.




Now my last thought..... for the moment.  I've recently recognized that much of what we're doing and much of what I share, is not all that thrilling.  In fact, much of what we do is probably what lots of retirees do.  The surprising thing for Debbie and I is that WE ARE retired.  Over the years we've (me to excess) given work a high priority.  The result is that we've already enjoyed many great experiences.  Granted, we always enjoyed these great experiences on the run, but they were great none the less. But now it's like we're done.  We worked frantically right up to the day we left SC.  Now we get to cruise along at our own pace.  We get to make all these pleasant decisions about where to go next and just what shall we do.  The great decision for today was whether or not we should stop for ice cream.  We did. We currently have tentative travel/volunteer plans that will carry us through the winter of 2012.  But for now, it's great to just cruise! 

It''s an exhausted phrase, but we are truly blessed and we are grateful!!!

Let us all count our blessings!


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  1. Wow, counting your blessings, huh. Go Duane Calvin.
    I'm glad you guys are enjoying yourselves so much!