Sunday, August 22, 2010

"To Hell With The Hackers" (Pisgah Forest, NC)

I've been "gone" for a while but now I'm back.  Debbie and I went "home" to SC Sunday-Wednesday for some medical appointments.  We drove the Highlander and took the dogs.  We had a couple of offers from friends to stay with them, dogs and all.  We didn't want to just dump our boys on anyone while we were at the hospital so we spent Sunday and Monday at a Best Western that permitted dogs.

Sunday night we had a fun dinner with our good friend Evelyn.  As we departed she made it clear that we are always welcome at her home.  It was kind of like "My Casa is Your Casa."  Thank you Evelyn, we love you!

We went to SC to have a cyst removed from my little finger.  We had started the process way before we left the area but it took forever to get appointments.  So to work within our health insurance we returned to complete the routine.   I didn't think the cyst amounted to much but my daughter described it as OMG.  My view may be more accurate.  Having said that, the event resembled a big deal.  It began with a hospital gown of the current fashion.  Then there was a crowd of medical personnel complete with a trip to la la land.  The next thing I recall with any clarity is a wheel chair ride out of the hospital.  The procedure was Monday afternoon.  That night we went back to the Best Western.

Tuesday morning Debbie had a doctor appointment.  After that we then went to see our realtor friends Jan and Tom.  They've helped us buy our last two houses and now they manage those houses for us as rental property.  One day they'll sell those houses for us.  We visited with Tom and Jan at their office.  If there had been a bouncer he would have thrown us out.  We had a roaring good time!  More love and we greatly appreciate their friendship.

We then went to see Linda and Glenn.  We took the dogs with us and spent the night.  We have traveled and camped many times with these friends They epitomize southern hospitality.  We would marry them both.  That may be a stretch but you get the picture.  Lots of love!

We drove home Wednesday afternoon and worked Thursday and Friday.

Friday was Aubree Elizabeth''s 26th birthday.  Aubree, I'm mighty proud of you and  I love you!

We had a hike planned with our volunteer friends Dave and Ardi Hacker for Saturday morning.  Our destination was Rainbow Falls at Gorges State Park.  This is something less than an hours drive away, near Lake Toxaway.  The morning began cloudy, maybe a little mist.  We didn't consider not going.  It was a nice drive and only misting at most when we arrived.  The hike was to be 4-5 miles round trip.  It was quite steep at times, rocky and rooty.  Much of the time the hike followed the wonderfully rocky, mountainous Horse Pasture River.  Our first stop was at a smallish, but pleasing waterfall.  No rain as yet. 

Dave and Ardi preparing to photograph small waterfall

Small Waterfall

We then moved on to our primary goal, Rainbow Falls.  About the time we arrived at the Falls it began to rain a little.  Dave, Ardi and Debbie, the photographers, broke out the cameras, tripods and umbrellas. 
Rainbow Falls
After the photo shoot we pressed on to another great area that included  a waterfall with a sliding rock.  There were lots of young folks sliding over the rock.  We don't have any pictures of this area or activity because  the pace of the rain had increased significantly.  More rain, much more.  We decided there was nothing to loose so we went on to a third falls location.  By now it's becoming a deluge!!  We stayed there a minute then returned to a rock overhang, dry enough to stand and eat a sandwich.  

Dave and Ardi were mostly prepared for the rain.  Debbie and I less prepared.  I had brought the umbrellas and 2 ponchos.  I paid $2 for 2 ponchos.  I knew they were a disposable type but I was misled.  They were nearly worthless.  OK, not worthless.  I'd value them at $.12 each.  They did help to trap our body heat but not keep us dry.  As we hiked in we made some effort to avoid mud and wet spots.  You know, lets keep those hiking shoes clean.  As we exited, we were merely slogging through the mud and water with total disregard as the skies poured upon us.  We had to watch our footing closely. We were drenched.  Debbie's greatest concern was keeping her new camera dry.  Dave and Ardi had invited us to hike with them so they were concerned that we held them responsible for the less than perfect conditions. We enjoyed several witty suggestions about how we would describe the hike in the blog.  We reassured them repeatedly but, at their suggestion,  we settled on "To Hell With The Hackers."  Today, a dry day later, we refer to it as a memorable hike.

We worked today.  The day ended with an unfortunate event.  Debbie and I were walking one of the Cradle trails with the dogs.  Somehow Debbie lost her footing and fell.  She'll be fine but she did take a face full of gravel.  There was lots of blood.  She cut her knees, hands and several cuts to the face.  A little understatement,  we were ALARMED so as soon as we got back to the camper I went to get Ardi.  She's a retired RN.  Ardi cleaned Debbie's cuts and put her at ease.  Thank you Ardi!!  I now refer to Debbie as Rocky.  Pretty funny, don't cha think?!  You know the gravel and all. 

Good to be back.
My finger is fine.


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  1. Glad the finger wasn't as big as a deal as I was making it out to be! :) A tear or two fell as I read my bday message. :) What worked better that crappy poncho or those trash bags we had to use one time?! LOL What happen to the walking sticks?!?! I thought you bought those so Debbie wouldn't fall! Glad she's ok. Rocky is mean, and a little funny. (only out of love though!) :)