Monday, May 7, 2012

We're Back!!!!!! (Green Valley, Az)

Where to begin? That should sound familiar.  Last time we spoke I signed off with "we'll in touch."  Well it's easy to imagine my creditability is now shot.  But I did mention we were looking at real estate with more motivation than normal.  And yes, as some of you know, we bought a house in Green Valley, AZ, 30 miles south of Tucson.  So our status has now changed significantly.  I can no longer say we are full timers.  We are seasonal home owners. The home owner thing is really why I stopped blogging.  If the blog was mildly interesting to some maybe it was because of the full timing concept.  Home ownership may be interesting but not unique.  So I didn't want to bore people horribly with stories of painting walls and picking out towels.  But here I am and maybe I can make this interesting.  The facts:  We bought our house for nearly half what the original owner paid in '06.  It was a foreclosure.  The community is Quail Creek.  It's a lovely place, great amenities, endless activities and more social life then we've ever experienced.   We sold our home in SC (took a horrible beating there but we believe that was greatly off-set by the deal we got here) and will have our other house on the market 1 June.  We closed on the house the end of January and then in mid February we went to Las Vegas for a week.  We did a time share deal to spend a week with our children.  Outstanding time!
Ryan got to see a display of his beloved Orange County Choppers

Watched the crazies on the rides at the Stratosphere
Enjoyed the views and the wind
Watched the Bellagio fountains from the Eiffel Tower

We even made a quick day trip to Death Valley.  Awesome scenery!

We then came home (which henceforth will be Green Valley) but only stayed about 3 days.  The four of us (that includes Bo and Laska) jumped in the truck (no camper)  and began a marathon trip back east.  First stop was Florida to see Pop and Marge in Palm Harbor and visit with a few SC friends camping in Titusville.  From there we made our way to SC to do some things with the houses, rent a small U-Haul, clear out our 4'x4' storage unit, briefly see some more friends and then back on the road headed west.  We stopped to see friends in OK and then back home.  20 days and 5000 miles!!!.  So now we begin, with earnest,  the project of getting the house squared away.  Of course we have to buy nearly everything needed to get a house going.  That includes furniture, dishes, ceiling fans, etc.  Those are some boring details so lets just say we are now nicely settled.  We've already had house guests 3 times, traveled some more, gained a few pounds and are enjoying life!

Thanks to those of you who contacted us wanting more of our blog.  We're flattered!

There is more to tell that includes our future plans, a recent jeep/real camping adventure, maybe a few pictures and other dribble that I hope you will enjoy.

Let me go for now though so that we get this posted.  Please check back soon. 



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