Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pikes Peak (Colorado Springs, Co)

Wednesday started with a trip to the bike shop to get the two wheeler running again.   We then began our  drive to Pikes Peak. 

The road is entirely paved and the quality of the road is quite good.

In fact they were busy repaving a small portion of the road during our drive.

On the drive down there was a fellow, maybe law enforcement or safety of some sort, stopping all cars to check the temperature on their brakes.  He suggested we pull over for 10 minutes. We complied.

In all fairness, there are segments of the road that are a bit death defying.  These segments leave you with the impression that the slightest error could result in tumbling to one's death.

Obviously enough, we negotiated the drive up and down cheating death one more time.  While driving up we stopped at a most scenic lake that was greatly enhanced with fall colors, mostly aspen. 

The top of the mountain is not particularly scenic but the view is unparalleled.

A little to our surprise, we were a little woozy with the altitude so we moved slowly. The bottom line is that it's a beautiful mountain and a must do!

Thursday morning I returned to the bike shop.  The bill was $188.  Ouch!   But that included replacing the pedal crank assembly, gear cables, handle bar post bearings, repacked front and rear wheel bearings, adjusted gears and some kind of of overall tuneup of all remaining considerations.  Thursday evening I had a great 1.5 hour ride on a challenging trail maintained by the county and the bike felt like new.  I bought the bike 10 years ago for about $350 and have barely performed any maintenance  since then so it seems like money well spent. 

Thursday afternoon included a tour of the Air Force Academy Chapel.

It's a noteworthy structure and includes areas for Protestant, Catholic,  Buddhist and Jewish services.




We left beautiful Colorado Springs on Friday.  Presently we are at The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in Mosca, Co. Truly a site to behold.  More on that next time.




  1. Does the snow ever totally melt at that elevation? I think the last time I drove the road up Pike's Peak it was 1969, and they had a guy checking your brakes on the way down then too. :)

  2. Awesome pictures!! I may have to skip Pikes Peak, 14110 feet - not sure I could take it!!

    Looks like you are having a grand time. Stay safe!!