Monday, July 18, 2011

Friendly Visits (Spearfish, SD)

Howdy folks!   Please let me apologize for the length of this post.  It probably should have been multiple blog entries but time got away from us and now it's just time to get everything recorded before we forget.  I hope at least you will be somewhat entertained for the effort you will invest if you read all of this!

Debbie and I "worked" the first 3 days since we last "talked" then we bathed in the enjoyment of visits from friends.  Saturday, 9 July, Charley and Sherry arrived with their two cute dachshunds Cheyenne and Sadie.  We first met Charlie and Sherry, fellow full-timers this past January when a group of  RV Dreams  followers met for dinner one night during the RV show in Tampa.  We then met up with them again early this past Spring in central FL.  We enjoyed a few lunches together along with friends Jeff and Barbie who we also met in Florida this past winter. Only coincidentally Charley and Sherry are from SC, like us.  Since then we've all kept up with one another via email/blogs.  Happily, Charley and Sherry's travel itinerary brought them to Sturgis, SD about 20 miles away.  We were mighty happy their plans allowed us to cross paths again!  So sure enough they made the trip to Spearfish and  we enjoyed a great afternoon together.  Even the dogs had a great time getting to know each other.  I'm certain we'll spend more time together in the future.  Thanks again for the visit!

Duane, Sherry and Charley
(We got better pictures of the dogs than the humans!)


The doggies meet and greet

Laska shared his bone with Sadie
The next day Glenn and Linda arrived.

Linda and Glenn during Black Hills visit
They're also from SC but we have known them for over 10 years.  Over the years we have done more with Glenn and Linda then anyone we've ever known.  We've had so many GREAT times together!  Sunday we chilled and grilled.....some burgers.  Monday we hit the tourist trail.  Debbie and I have visited and blogged  previously about many of the places we visited so I'll try to minimize the tour guide stuff.  First stop Sturgis, SD.  We cruised the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. 

While there Glenn recognized Mike Ballard, the owner of Full Throttle Saloon. 

Glenn with Mike Ballard  
Of course that peeked our interest and we headed there next. (First visit for all of us.)  Full Throttle claims to be the "largest biker bar in the world."

I must say it's like no bar I've ever been in. The complex is not fancy but wildly unique.

There must be 25 bar locations, multiple retail areas,

full size school buses standing on end,

bridges renovated to serve as seating space,

a live donkey,

strange metal artwork,

and an outdoor arena complete with a pedestal holding two 18 wheeler trucks. 

It's one of those destinations that you have to see to fully appreciate the "chic" character of the place! The four of us had a bawdy good time!

From there we went on to Deadwood, SD.

Deadwood is the revitalized 1880's gambling town. We did lunch at Kevin Costner's place, Midnight Star.

There's a casino, (this is Deadwood) as well as all things Kevin Costner which includes movie posters, costumes and memorabilia from many (or maybe all??) of his movies.

We ate in the sports bar called Diamond Lil's. I'm sure if Kevin knew we were there he would have swung by to give the ladies a hug!

We all agreed the food was good and plentiful.

And we had a great time reviewing our photos from our visit to the Full Throttle.

Afterwards we walked through town, spent a little time in the Adams Museum, toured the Adams House (obviously a prominent family in town back in the day) and called Deadwood a wrap with a (rainy) stop at the Mt. Moriah Cemetery where Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hitchcock are buried.

The graves were interesting, but the view from the overlook even better.

Last event of the day was a brief drive to Lead, SD  home of the Homestake Gold Mine.  It's been closed since 2002 but the Open Cut alone is worth the stop. You've also got to see this to appreciate the enormity of the mining operation.

Tuesday we made our way to Cheyenne Crossing (great western name), at the top of Spearfish Canyon, to have breakfast.

Last time Debbie and I were there we had Indian Tacos and they were great. Breakfast was in the same category. Great quantity (my favorite) and unique combos. Far more then bacon and eggs. 

Afterwards we drove down through the canyon and spent the afternoon cruising waterfalls.  First was Roughlock Falls.

 Multi-tiered and beautiful.

Kind a sorta across the road is Spearfish Falls.  A little simpler, lots of water and a quaint setting.  Plus an interesting little hike getting there.  Very nice!

Further down the canyon is Bridal Veil Falls.

Even without the falls Spearfish Canyon is worth repeated trips.  The rugged beauty is endless.  The company superb!

Wednesday the four of us got together about 11:00 and started our day with lunch.  We were the first customers of the day at the Bum Steer in downtown Spearfish.

They also own the Cheyenne Crossing place.  Now I may occasionally speak of going to a place and just have soup and salad.  But I'm not really serious.  I seriously would go to the Bum Steer for soup and salad.  I can't explain exactly why. The salad bar is not huge but all the items seemed to be packed with  freshness and flavor.  The chicken chili was know...."to die for."  Plus we had super bread and wonderful entrees.

The day could have been over there but we were just beginning.  After lunch we piled in the car and drove to WY to see Devil's Tower.  We did the shorter 1.5 mile hike around the base of the tower.

Of course we couldn't ignore the beautiful wildflowers.

A crowd pleaser as always. 

We stopped at Aladdin, population 15, but the old store was closing for the day.  The proprietor gave us 3 minutes and she meant it, nicely, but she meant for us to scoot so we did.

Thursday morning Glenn and Linda had to leave the beautiful Spearfish City Campground and move to a nearby KOA.  The Festival in the Park was to be held across the street at the also beautiful Spearfish City Park so not surprisingly all the sites in the campground were booked.   Thursday, Debbie and I "worked" but afterwards we did steaks with Glenn and Linda. I seem to be losing my grilling touch.  I'm world famous you know...not!  But I used to be better.  I've even gone to using a thermometer in a fork but apparently I can't read a three digit number.  I'll keep trying.

Friday we didn't get together until about noon.  We toured the fish hatchery with Linda and Glenn and then had Mexican for dinner.  Just another nice day!

Saturday we concluded our visit together with a day at the previously mentioned festival.  The park was full of folks selling some very nice quality crafts.

We moseyed along enjoying the crafts but in reality we were just killing time until we settled on what to eat. We all did pitas, they were a delightful handful. Debbie and I followed that with some grilled corn on the cob (healthy) but then concluded with some funnel cake.

Glenn and Linda wrapped up their lunch with Dippin Dots. Later Linda bought some kettle corn but then left it with us. Bad Girl!

Glenn and Linda then departed. 

Yesterday they left SD and they have safely arrived in Medora, ND.  Glenn and Linda- hopefully you're listening. Thank you so much for going to such lengths to come visit us.  We love you!

Hug a Friend!



  1. Man, that was some AWESOME post! Loved all the pix and the descriptions of the places you visited. And, the food sounded great! We really enjoyed it!

  2. Was a long post BUT I loved everything about it... Photos were great!!!
    We were there last year and did all that you guys did minus a few food stops... Ours were a little different. Glad you're having fun!
    Travel safe

  3. That was THE MOST FUN week! We sure had missed you guys...boy, have we created some wonderful memories over the years! Glad we have not lost our touch!!!

  4. This was a great post Duane. Boy, you guys were really on the go with Glenn and Linda the week they were in SD. Did you crash afterwards? And as always I love the pictures. Going to see if I can steal a copy of the close up pictures of Cheyenne and Sadie for my fur baby collection!! Hope to see you again in August!