Friday, June 10, 2011

Checking In (Spearfish, SD)

 Hi there!  Just checking in!  We haven't done much since the last time we spoke.  Mostly we've been completing our volunteer hours.  The volunteering is going very well.  Tuesday most of the volunteers went on a field trip to the McNeeny Fish Hatchery.  It's a SD state hatchery about 15 miles west of here just shy of the WY border.  The D.C. Booth Fish Hatchery is primarily a historical site.  McNeeny is a full scale hatchery.  So the outing was an opportunity for us to see the real thing in operation.  It was a pretty location and a pleasant outing.  Wednesday we joined a group of our fellow volunteers for an 11 mile bike ride on the George S. Mickelson Trail.  This is another example of the great attractions and resources in western SD.  The trail is 108 miles long and is built on the RR bed of an abandoned RR route.  The trail includes a well compacted gravel surface, gradual grades and, as always, beautiful scenery.

But the main attraction of this morning's ride was the weather.  We are camped at about 3500 feet.  When we departed the temp was about 48.  When we hit the trail at about 5000 feet the temp was 41.

I guess we call this SSSSSummer in SD!  I won't lie, it was coolish.  But regardless, we had a nice time.

After the ride we gathered for lunch then went our separate ways. 

After we got home I did a tidbit of  gardening.  It's not like the old landscaping days but still mighty enjoyable.  I spent a little time sprucing up our flowers.  The display is not massive but we think impressive enough for our RV site.



  1. Very impressive display of beautiful flowers. I'm getting inspired! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful flowers!! I have not tried to do this yet and may not!! Glad you are enjoying SD and the cool weather. It is VERY hot here in SC - high 90's. We are planning to depart on our trip June 20 and will not be going to Utah and Colorado after all. We are in the process of deciding where we are going prior to the rally in Gillette, WY in late August. May even come close to you guys!! Continue having fun!!

  3. You've been to some great places, and this volunteering job looks like another one. So much to see in that area. And your flowers are beautiful! :)

  4. You guys inspire us!!!!! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!!