Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life at the Creek (Cross Creek, FL)

We've settled into our work routines and life at the Creek only gets better. Without a doubt this location is the most peaceful camping we've experienced thus far.  We have complete privacy, NO road noise, NO fellow camper noise, NO light pollution, deer roaming the woods and the fragrance of citrus blossoms filling the air!  Last week we worked Wed, Thurs and Fri.  Primarily Debbie works in the house and I work the grounds.  Friday was a little cool so Sheila, our park ranger, decided it would be a great day to fire up the wood burning stove.  With the expert assistance of Carl (one of the other camping volunteers) she cooked the crew a ham, green beans, potatoes with turnips and stewed tomatoes.  All the vegetables came from the garden that is maintained as part of the homestead.  Please know I wouldn't normally say I'm a stewed tomato and turnips sort of fellow but the entire meal was fantastic!  Plus, I've never been exposed to cooking on a wood stove.  I thought it was pretty cool the way the cook regulates the temperature by which burner is used.  Closer to the fire is hotter, further is cooler etc.  The stove had 6 burners.

Friday afternoon Debbie and I went to Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park.  It's maybe 15 miles from here.  Anyway we hit pay dirt.   The park has an impressive tower that overlooks the prairie.  Upon our arrival we found waiting for us around 10 buffalo,

a few wild horses,

8-10 deer,

an armadillo,

and a big fat turkey.

Buffalo in Florida!  Who would of thought?? All these critters were 100 - 200 yards away.  Comparatively close!  On the way home we got pizza.  Such a day!!!!!!

Saturday was another great day.  We drove to the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center (state park) in White Springs, about 90 minutes from us.  We'd been invited to a volunteer appreciation picnic hosted by Florida State Parks.  The park highlights the music of American composer Stephen Foster who you might remember wrote such songs as "Way Down Upon the Suwannee River", "Camptown Races" and "Beautiful Dreamer".  I may not have been all that familiar with these tunes, but Debbie remembers them from her childhood piano lessons. The park is adjacent to the Suwannee River.  It has a collection of impressive buildings including a museum featuring exhibits about many of Stephen Foster's most well known songs.

and a 97 bell carillon tower.

It's just a very pretty setting.

The BBQ lunch we were provided was catered and very tasty.   A fine day!

Sunday and Monday we took relaxing to a whole new level.  We did very little and enjoyed it a great deal!  The weather was perfect, we ate well, puttered around, watched the tube and continued to marvel at this concept we call retirement.

Tuesday we were back at "work."  It's never difficult.  Surprisingly, we took a nap on Tuesday afternoon.  That NEVER happens!  Wednesday I found myself in an unexpected project.  The park had a broken outdoor faucet and a broken pipe connected to a well head.  I fixed them both. I enjoyed having a project to sink my teeth into.  Plus it was satisfying to provide an appreciated service.  In the afternoon we took the dogs to a dog park.  They loved it, we loved it and they shared many thank yous!!!!!!

Wishing you the best!



  1. What a perfect place to be. The work, the place, people, surroundings, etc. - FOOD, everything seems perfect. This is the best workamping job I've read about so far. Lucky you!

  2. Very cool about the buffalo! I thought Florida only had gators!:)

  3. Sounds like a great park. But you are eating too well - we are jealous!!