Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Departing North Carolina (Pisgah Forest, NC)

Our last day of volunteering in NC was Sunday, 7 Nov, 2010.  We look back on our 4 months in NC with great affection.  The experience was full of great events, great friendships, great moments and so many examples of kindness.  Our first volunteering experienced was nothing short of spectacular!  We even had the opportunity to experience the first snow of the season before we left.  It was a light snow and didn't last long, but fun to see nonetheless.

We drove to SC on Monday.  We stayed at the KOA in Mt. Pleasant.  It was a bit pricey but nice. We would be staying in SC until Friday morning.  Monday night shortly after our arrival we had dinner with Mike and Barbara Rucker.  Mike was my supervisor at the Brig and has become my life long friend.  Debbie and I have enjoyed several very nice outings with both Mike and Barbara.  Dinner was at Smokey Bones and was quite good.  Tuesday we joined Linda and Glenn Davis at their home on the Isle of Palms.  Not sure exactly how long we've been friends with Linda and Glenn, but it's been more then 10 years.  They are both retired from the Department of Corrections and  Debbie met Linda while working there. Debbie had a hair appointment at Linda's swank hair dresser at 3.  Glenn and I hung out, yakked, looked at his tools and had a great afternoon.  Glenn and Linda fed us steak, shrimp, the trimmings and cookies.  Too good!  Wednesday Glenn and Linda joined us at the camper. We then went to have lunch at some little hole in the wall place up the road from the campground.  That evening we joined Evelyn and Gaye for dinner at our favorite mexican place.  (Eating was a central theme to our SC stay.)  Following dinner we went to Evelyn's to play a game of Hand and Foot. Just like when they came to visit us in NC, it was mindless but great fun! Thursday we went to the dermatologist, completed some errands and then joined Donna and friends for dinner.  Donna and Debbie have been friends for 30+ years.  She and her husband, Rich live in Oklahoma City.  Donna was in Summerville visiting her friends and family.  On the way back to our camper we stopped to say goodbye to Glenn and Linda. Again we enjoyed great laughs!  Our brief, energized stay in SC was wonderful!  Unfortunately, the time went by way too fast.  There were more friends we wanted to visit but we just couldn't get it together.  Next time we're in Summerville we'll stay much longer so that we have time to see everyone.  We were so busy running around that Debbie didn't even have time to unpack her camera.  As a result not a single picture from SC!  

Friday we drove to Florida.  It took about 8+ hours but was uneventful.  We are currently staying in a campground in Homosassa Springs.  Its a mixture of overnighters, seasonal folks and a few permanent residents.  Most of it is pleasant enough.  Some sites are little scary but the place was a deal.  We'll be here until the end of November.  The great thing about this move to FL is that it begins our life of moving from place to place because we chose a change of scenery and weather.  Too cool!  Now we play and travel throughout Florida until 28 February 2011.  1 March 2011 we begin another volunteering job at the Marjorie Rawlings State Part in Cross Creek, Fl.  We'll be there until 30 April.

Now that we're "settled in" for a few weeks I'm sure Debbie will get the camera back out and perhaps the blog will be slightly more interesting.

Until then....


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