Thursday, September 23, 2010

A visit with Friends (Pisgah Forest, NC)

Saturday began with breakfast in our volunteer activity center with all the members of our team. Now this shouldn't surprise anyone, breakfast was prepared for all of us by the Delightful Miss Sue! She prepared a wonderful breakfast casserole called Peaches and Cream augmented with fresh cooked waffles! Our multi talented Sue provided the whole crew a delightful morning.

Next on the agenda was the arrival of our friends Gaye and Evelyn. They were coming from Summerville, SC to spend the weekend with us. Four adults in our 400 square foot home would be tight so they stayed at the Pisgah Inn. Upon their arrival we chatted, ate lunch and hit the road.

Initially we were simply going to cruise the Blue Ridge Parkway but then found ourselves headed for the Elk. And the Elk out did themselves again! Viewing the Elk is a sedate activity but ripe with excitement! Previously we recognized that people viewing the Elk were often picnicking. On this trip we came to understand that folks come to the valley and set up for the entire evening. They settle in for the evening because everything the Elk does seems special. Maybe it's special because just having the opportunity to watch these animals in their new natural environment seems like a privilege! We see great bucks, young fellows with a new rack, momma and babies as well as the big dude with his harem. They all are awe inspiring!!!
This one crossed right in front of our car!

Eventually we left the valley and wound our way home. Debbie made margaritas for the ladies then we moved to the activity center to play cards - Hand and Foot. The game is mostly brainless (just our style) and great fun. We played until after midnight. You know, regular party animals! Sunday we met Gaye and Evelyn at the Pisgah Inn for breakfast then returned to the Cradle.

Breakfast at Pisgah Inn
Debbie and I toured the Discovery Center with Gaye and Evelyn then they traveled home. Debbie and I enjoyed our visit with Gaye and Evelyn ENORMOUSLY! We were quite flattered that they went to such great effort and expense to spend a short weekend with us. But equally important, the four of us enjoyed a rambunctious good time. We laughed and carried on like ill behaved juveniles. It was wonderful! THANK YOU GAYE and EVELYN!

Good Night


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